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BJP And Komeito: Religion and Politics in India and Japan

by Bhoopender S. Dalal           

This book is aimed at making a comparative study of the relationship between religion and politics. It incorporates in its ambit a study of religion and politics in modern liberal democracies of India and Japan, the problem of secularism, political and religious and political in the intertwining in the historical perspective of Western vis-à-vis Indian and Japanese experiences.

It specifically studies the evolution of Soka Gakkai in Japan and its counterpart, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), in India, and their being ultimately subsumed by the temptation of political power.


BJP and Komeito: Religion and Politics in
India and Japan

Author  by Bhoopender S. Dalal
Language English
Year 2019
Pages 225
ISBN 978-81-924967-9-5
Subject(s) Political Science
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ISBN: 978-81-924967-9-5

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