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Essential Russian

by Abhai Maurya

Essential Russian, a text-book, covering the entire Russian grammar in 33 lessons has proved to be a very successful text-book when it was used in full-time M.A, capsule (crash) and other intensive courses. When covered in parts it has been very effective for Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

This text-book has been most useful for those learners who wished to launch themselves on a full-time vocation as teachers, translators or other professionals through Russian language. The persons with a whole range of diverse objectives embarking on the missions to go to, and stay in Russian speaking countries have been finding this book extremely useful.

Some salient features of the text-book:

– the declensions of nouns along with adjectives and other attributes covered in 23;

– verbs of motion with prefixes, aspects of verb, verbal adverbs, verbal adjectives presented in lessons  24 to 33

  • simple, crisp and plot based applied texts and dialogues;
  • vocabulary and conjugation of verbs given immediately after each text;
  • model sentences, texts, exercises and grammatical commentaries made simpler, compact and lucid;
  • vocabulary (app. 5,000 words)



Title Essential Russian
Author Abhai Maurya
Language Russian
Year 2015
Binding Paperback
Pages 492p
ISBN  978-81-924967-4-0
Subject(s) Textbook, New Releases
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