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Parable International English-Hindi Dictionary

by Prof. Abhai Maurya

The Salient Features of the Dictionary:

  • An encyclopaedic span;
  • an up-to-date content, incorporating the latest words;
  • literary and philosophical terms presented with their concise definitions;
  • pronunciation of entries in Hindi based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions;
  • entries are lemmatical in structure, given in a root-based word-family linkage;
  • total number of words more than those given in any advanced learner’s dictionary;
  • terminological terms taken from most fields of human activity, practices and disciplines;
  • the derived words/ linked words (dw/lw) given in a separate para of an entry;
  • a big number of collocations (word combinations or partner words);
  • an array of phrases, idioms, proverbs and the winged words (p&i);
  • each entry or dw/lw followed by its grammatical label or category;
  • verbs followed by their conjugation in past (pt.), present participle (pp) forms;
  • most adjectives followed by comparative and superlative degrees;
  • a large number of national and international abbreviations and acronyms;
  • Latin, French, Italian, Russian, Greek, Spanish, etc. words and expressions with their pronunciation and meaning in Hindi;
  • the names of countries, their capitals and national and international geographical places given in English and Hindi;
  • definitions in English and Hindi of computer and Internet terms;
  • Internet-based communication, i.e. Web 2.0 and social media terms in English and Hindi;
  • the text messages and chat abbreviations with translation into Hindi given in the appendix.


Title Parable International English-Hindi Dictionary
Author Abhai Maurya
Language English-Hindi
Year 2017
Binding HB
Pages 1900p
ISBN 978-81-924967-5-7
Subject(s) Dictionaries, New Releases
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on 11 May 2017
This is an excellent English-Hindi Dictionary. It is uptodate; provides better definitions; English synonyms; gives both British and US pronunciations of words when there is marked change in Hindi; comprehensive coverage of derived and linked words, phrases and idioms; places words derived from same root at one place like Chambers; very appropriate meaning of English proverbs in Hindi; it is larger than any other similar dictionary in bites; It has improved upon Kamil Bulke, Hardev Bahri, Satyaprakash, Tewary and Kapur, and Badrinath Kapur; it gives all foreign phrases, countries and capitals, about 1000 place names and geographical features, Computer and Web 2.0 terminology in English and Hindi with their English pronunciation in Hindi; in short it fulfills the long felt need. With this English Hindi bilingual lexicography has attained maturity. It is a translation of English to Hindi speakers. With this dictionary, Professor Abhai Maurya has opened up the world of knowledge in English to the Hindi Language speakers.